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Galt - glow marble run

35 pieces including:
6 marbles
2 blue funnel tops
1 orange circle bend
3 red leg stands
6 blue bends
6 straight runs
11 short connectors
(2 pieces is currently missing)

Fee: £ 0.50 for 14 days

Not available
Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: A - Excellent
Brand: Galt
Code: SBTL0258

Construct exciting glow-in-the-dark marble runs using transparent coloured pieces and glow-in-the-dark marbles. Watch the marbles as they travel down the see-through chutes and tubes and swirl around the vortex. Turn off the lights, place the marbles in the glow-in-the-dark starter tops and the glowing marbles look as if they are flying through the air as the marble run has dissappeared in the dark!

Safety instructions required None specific
- specific project Postcode Community Trust
Item source Purchased with funding - specified above

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United Reformed Church Hall
Stacy's house