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Mattel - deluxe scrabble special edition

The large board, 38 cm square, has a rotating base allowing it be turned easily during play, a polished wooden frame, and an embossed playing surface with a raised grid to keep the tiles in place. There are 100 wooden tiles of various values, and 4 storage racks on which players arrange their tiles, and a velvet bag stores and holds the tiles. Also included is an excellent bookle

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Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Code: SBTL0069

A most luxurious Scrabble set, an ideal gift for the Scrabble player. Contains a highly finished wooden framed board with a raised grid to keep the wooden tiles in place. All the contents are made to the highest quality.

This is a new luxury edition of the ever popular world famous word game for two to four players.

The object of the game is to compete for the highest score by forming interlocking words in crossword fashion on the Scrabble board using tiles displaying letters with various score values. Higher scores can be obtained by using the tiles in locations and combinations that make the most use of the letter values and premium squares(eg: triple-letter score, double-word score etc) on the board.

The manufacturers recommend that it is suitable for people age 10 years of age upwards which is more or less accurate but slightly younger children could play, especially if there is some measure of supervision.

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