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DK space race game

Box containing:
4 rocket pieces

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Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: 2
Code: SBTL0997

A simple roll-and-move game, where players move from outside the Solar System inward towards the Sun, visiting various planets along the way. 'Special' spaces include miss a turn, move forward/back (to next planet), and 'follow the trail of a passing comet' (snakes-and-ladders-style move forward/back).

From the rules:

Note to parents and teachers.

Space Race is a stimulating and challenging way for children to increase their interest and understanding of the solar system. It also enables children to practice their counting and reading skills, while providing the important experiences of turn-taking and co-operation. As they play, children are introduced to some technical vocabulary, and as they talk with adults and friends, they will develop their speaking and listening skills.

Safety instructions required None specific
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