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Learning Resources - Ruff's House teaching tactile dog and bones set

1 x yellow Ruff the dog
(should be 20 bones - 3 missing)
17 x bones (10 textures – 2 of each texture - red spiky, orange rough, green grooved, blue smooth, yellow bumpy, purple silky, white fluffy, pink ridged, brown woven, yellow furry)
1 x Doghouse with rubber door
1 x Activity guide

Fee: £ 1.00 for 14 days

Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: A - Excellent
Code: SBTL0094

Reach in and feel all the textures! Help the fuzzy dog find all the bones he hid in his doghouse. All bones are textured and made out of rubber or cloth and feature smooth, silky, scratchy, bumby, ridged and more textures.

Safety instructions required None specific
- specific project John James Bristol Foundation grant
Item source Purchased with funding - specified above

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United Reformed Church Hall
Stacy's house