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Educational Insights - Teachable Touchables texture squares and bag

1 x yellow drawstring bag
18 pillows and patches (10 different pairs of each texture - 2 x black rough, 2 x brown bumpy, 2 x yellow soft, 2 x black furry, 1 x white fuzzy, 1 x red nobbly, 1 x brown ribbed, 2 x white scratchy, 2 x green silky/slippery, 2 x silver smooth) (2 patches missing 16/12/17 - Becky Himsworth will look for them at home)
1 x Activity guide
Each textured pillow or patch measures approximately 2-3"

Fee: £ 1.00 for 14 days

Not available
Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: 1
Code: SBTL0095

The Teachable Touchable textured squares are a fantastic sensory exploration play set which children and adults alike will want to explore.
Will the Textured square you choose be Slippery,Silky or soft or textured.

All the Textured Squares can be stored away in a very handy storage bag.

The Teachable Touchable Textured Squares help build tactile discrimination skills and related vocabulary as children interact with each texture.

Safety instructions required None specific
- specific project John James Bristol Foundation grant
Item source Purchased with funding - specified above

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United Reformed Church Hall
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