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Haba - middle eastern building blocks

52 wooden pieces:
4 cross shapes
10 step shapes
2 semi circles
2 long tubes
2 short tubes
2 rectangles with circle hole
1 semi circle with two circle holes
2 peaks
1 dome
10 blocks with cut out
6 cubes
4 flat rectangles
6 rectangles

Fee: £ 1.00 for 14 days

Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: 1
Brand: Haba
Code: SBTL0142

Build an ancient Middle Eastern temple with this beautiful wooden block set. Distinctive "onion dome" pieces can be added to the top of towers to create a Persian or Syrian scene. Inspire young minds to build towns and temples and also learn about the history and geography of the Middle East. Combine with other block sets to build larger structures.

Completed Tower measures 17cm in height.

House of Education by Haba is a range of toys designed to meet the demands of the education sector. High quality durable toys that encourage learning and inspire young minds. As with all Haba toys this range is made in Germany using real wood from sustainable sources. Other materials used in production are also sourced from sustainable raw materials. Haba toys take great care for the environment when producing, buildings, machines, materials and waste are all a key part in the company policy.

Safety instructions required None specific
- specific project John James Bristol Foundation grant
Item source Purchased with funding - specified above

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United Reformed Church Hall
Stacy's house