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Meccano Junior - construction building set, various types

Don't worry about counting everything but please try to return in a neat condition with items sorted so that it is nice for the next person to borrow.

1 x Box with lid

1 x blue tool tray

23 larger blocked / curved shapes (1 with lifting clear window)

5 envelopes containing:

4 instruction manuals

Connectors: 98 square nuts, 28 rubber washer rings, 5 rubber ends, 22 small tubes, 20 clip washers, 1 large 5-hole wheel, 2 small wheels, 1 turning handle, 1 clip washer with hook on string, 3 spanners, 1 screwdriver + extension bit (replaced)

Screws: 20 large screws, 78 small screws, 9 connector/screws, 8 axyl bars, 6 axyl/screw connectors

Wheels: 10 wheels with tyres + 1 wheel without tyre

Bars: 8 flexible bars, 23 various bent bars

Flat bars: 62 flat bars various lengths

Fee: £ 0.50 for 14 days

Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: C - Poor
Brand: Meccano
Code: SBTL0317

Challenge the boundaries of your child’s imagination as they discover elements of real engineering with these Meccano Junior sets. Help them develop early logic and hand motor skills while creating different models. A number of examples are pictured in the catalogues however not all pieces may be present and some creativity will be needed to create your own pieces!

Safety instructions required None specific
Item source Public donation

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United Reformed Church Hall
Stacy's house