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Pom pom and tweezer game with pots

1 zip folder
1 pair tweezers
6 cones - orange, yellow and blue
12 giant pom poms
14 large pom poms
10 medium small pom poms
20 tiny pom poms

We have a few pom poms to top up if some go missing - don't worry

Fee: £ 0.20 for 14 days

Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: 2
Brand: none
Code: SBTL0338

A selection of differently sized and coloured pom poms, tweezers and pots.

Lots of ways to use these items:
Use the tweezers to put the pom poms inside the pots. Put the pots on your hands and try to pick up the pom poms. Race against each other to fill a pot. Put specific colours in specific coloured pots. Blow the pom poms across a table.
Use some chopsticks for a more difficult challenge!
This item is not a toy and should be used with an adult close by.

Safety instructions required Yes - explain how to use
- specific project Postcode Community Trust
Item source Purchased with funding - specified above

This item is not available for reservation online. Please contact us.

United Reformed Church Hall
Stacy's house