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Lego - classic wheels set (442 pieces)

Box containing 442 Lego pieces

Fee: £ 1.00 for 14 days

Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: 1
Brand: Lego
Code: SBTL0611

Get your imagination moving with this LEGO Classic 10715 Bricks on a Roll set. From a car to a cart, a skateboard to caravan, you can use the creative bricks of this construction toy to create all kinds of vehicles. If it rolls, you can build it! To inspire you, there are all kinds of wheel and tyres in lots of colours and sizes, plus this classic building set comes with a treasure trove of LEGO pieces, including colourful building bricks, shapes and eyes. This construction toy really takes your child’s building skills to the next level, so it’s a great add-on to their existing Lego sets. It comes age-appropriate instructions to help them develop their construction skills and have lots of build and play fun.

Build all kinds of toy vehicles, from a wheelchair or horse and cart to a 4x4 car with a caravan trailer!
This LEGO Classic construction set facilitates a world of creativity for Kids, fostering their open-ended imagination
It also includes a wide selection of LEGO tires and wheel

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- specific project Greggs Community Fund
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