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Orchard Toys - flowerpot game

Box containing:
24 x Stalk Cards
6 x Flower Cards
6 x Plant Pot Cards
1 x Compost Heap Card
1 x Die
1 x Instruction Leaflet

Colour spot die replaced with normal die so play a modified version of game with numbers representing colours.

Fee: £ 0.20 for 14 days

On loan
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Orchard Toys
Code: SBTL0734

In this award winning game, players aim to grow a tall flower with as many leaves as possible before the flower blooms. Each player starts with a plant pot, and all the stalk and flower cards are spread out face down, with the colour spot showing on the reverse, around the compost heap in the middle of the table. A player rolls the die, and turns over a card with the same colour. If the card they turn over is a stalk card, they can add this to their pot and start to grow their plant, and play passes to the next player. However, if they pick up a flower, their plant is fully grown and they cannot add any more to it. They can still play, though, as they continue to take their turns, and if they pick up another flower, they can place it on another player's stem to stop their plant growing. The game is over when everyone's plant has flowered. All the players then count the leaves on their plant, and the winner is the player with the most leaves. The game helps children with counting.

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