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Marvins Magic Tricks

Box with various pieces (see instructions)

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Location: United Reformed Church Hall
Condition: A - Excellent
Code: SBTL0836

This Mind-Blowing set contains 100 magic tricks. Reflecting the trends and attitudes of the cool, streetwise magicians of today. All the tricks and stunts will blow-away, baffle and mystify audiences aged 8 - Adult.

• Features 100 Amazing Tricks to truly amaze your friends & family!
• Perform incredible card tricks, amazing stunts and miraculous mind-reading tricks The Ultimate Magic Trick Collection.
• Includes The Rising Card
• Instant Money
• Colour Blind Blocks
• Kings to Aces
• Wizard Cards plus much, much more!
• Complete with full and comprehensive instructions for you to master the tricks!

Marvin's Magic is recognised as the brand leader for magic worldwide. We are proud to have won many accolades, have some of the best selling magic sets and largest following of young magicians anywhere. Magic is normally based on dexterity, skill and many years of practice but with Marvin's Magic, aspiring magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time at all.

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